Blue Mountains New South Wales Photo Safari

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Today Phil & Maureen Breckell took me and my wife, (www.mycruisestories.com) on a photo safari to the Blue Mountains. The weather had an eerie fog with threatening black clouds and occasional blue splotches of sky mixed in for a unique opportunity for us to create some “artsy” images. Here’s a slide show of a few of my favorites. We also visited several lookouts near Katoomba and ventured over the top of the hills toward Lithgow, where we spotted four wild emu.

Australian Bass Fishing Adventure at Lake St. Clair in New South Wales Australia

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Bass Fishing in Australia High above Lake St. Clair in Australia, a mob of kangaroos feed on a grassy knoll overlooking the lake

High above Lake St. Clair in New South Wales, a mob of kangaroos feed on a grassy knoll overlooking Lake St. Clair. I’m here to go fishing, and of course get lots of photos. Australia’s bass fishing can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a clue where to go or when to go. Luckily, my daughter Sheri, who lives near Sydney, has a great network of friends and family. Prior to my month long visit to Australia, She hooked me up with her sister in-law’s father in-law, Phil. Phil knows the area and has lots of “mates,” the Auzzie term for friends or buddies. Knowing my passion for fishing, Phil arranged a fishing trip with Bill Thomson, a local postal manager who also has a love of fishing. My…

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Carnival Cruise From Sydney Australia Aboard The Legend

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